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Half Term Already! YT93 Joseph, Easter and much more........ - YT93

How did THAT happen? Yes it’s February Half term already so YT is on a break this Saturday 16th AND 23rd returning on the 2nd March.

Last week it was lovely seeing the fabulous Tony Pape back with the children! Tony I am very excited to announce will be in charge of our ‘Adult Support Choir’ for Joseph in April. The choir will be provided with lyrics and be conducted on the day by Tony in Goudhurst Church with our modern take on Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat! If you have any friends or family that would like to be a part of this click here and fill out the form for more information!

It’s not to early to book your child on the Joseph workshop through to performance (in fact many have already). The songs and music can be found here to help your child choose which part they would like to audition for. Informal auditions March 9th. Any of those who are unable to participate at Easter will be given feedback on their audition to help give confidence and guidance for external scholarship and auditions outside of YT.

Places can be booked here!

The base is looking and sounding really great. To look even better and to have part of your costume in the bag for Joseph click here for YT93 uniform in many colours!

Happy Valentines Day and See You all back in March!


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