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LAMDA Exams - Information LAMDA 22/Nov 2017

Exam Information 21/11/2018
Lamda Exams 21/11/2018

LAMDA EXAMS provisional timetable-21:11:18 . This includes solo, duo and group pieces from YT93 and Saint Ronan’s School students.

  • All students must arrive in their normal school uniform (that they attend) at least 15 mins BEFORE the start time of the exam.

  • For those who have not been to Saint Ronan’s School where the test centre is based the address is as follows;


Saint Ronan’s School • Water Lane
Hawkhurst • Kent • TN18 5DJ

As you drive into the school park up on the right-hand side and walk towards the main building ahead. You will then need to walk to the right of the building past the canteen and head towards the Sports centre where Marc and I will be waiting outside the drama studio (located ABOVE the sports hall).

Preparation leading up to the exam

School of Rock Cast Click on the links for music and lyrics!


  • Keep going over lines and any extra reading/ investigating your child may have been encouraged to do around the piece/s or subject material they have. This will be the dividing line between merit and distinctions.
  • Over the final few weeks the team will be supporting all students with the ‘little extras’ to give all that little bit more confidence and tools to really enjoy the experience on the day.

As always PLEASE feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns. This should be a FUN not a stress for everyone!







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