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Royal Wedding YT93 Party 19th May 2018 - YT93

The Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding – This weekend will be packed full of drama games and challenges based around the celebration of the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle.

There will be prizes for:

  • The wackiest Tie!
  • The most fascinating of hats (you can create your own at home if you like).
  • The Pippa Middleton’s award for ‘Who Wears It Best’ for best wedding outfit.

Creations will be made on the day too and showcased ‘Dragon’s Den Stylie’ for everyone to vote the best wedding outfit creation for mother of the bride, Groom, Bride and Bridesmaids so bring in toilet rolls, bin liners, old curtains or material, scarves, net curtains and plenty of tape!

We will have our own ‘Street Party’ so please bring in a platter (on a paper plate) filled with your favourites to eat and drink as we toast to the occasison make up our own speeches and watch ‘Goggle Box /Fly On The Wall’ drama improvisations based around wedding themes like ‘The proposal’, ‘The Dress’, The stag and Hen Do’ and much much more!


See you on Saturday!

Chrissie, Marc and Kate!



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